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I only host my projects as subdomains of You can verify my ownership of this domain through Keybase.


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Real Estate Photography Automation System

Developed software to programmatically generate single-page webpages for real estate photos and matterport 3-D tours. (Example site generated by this software)


Utilized Cloudflare and other HTTP APIs to programmatically determine if web properties are compliant with security standards for TLS Upgrade, TLS versions, HSTS headers, and HSTS preloading. HTTPSCompliance Report

A PHP program that checks the current user’s public IP address and compares it to a list of known IP addresses/hostnames, then reports to the user which network they are connected to. It’s useful because it lets people know if they are indeed connected to VPN or not. Documentation. AmIOnVPN Screenshot

Tock Time Tracking System (fork of open source project)

Utilized the US Government’s (General Services Administration, Technology Transformation Service) open source project Tock to create an internal time and attendance tracking system that allows for employees and contractors to enter time spent on specific customer projects which ultimately allows for direct and streamlined charge of customers for time spent. Customized the product to support internal business rules as well as the authentication system used at PowerSerg. PowerSerg Tock Screenshot

US TSA Boarding Pass Scanner Sign in and Attendance Program (2016 - currently being used by robotics team)

I re-programmed a TSA boarding pass scanner (DESKO PENTA) via its SDK to allow for the logging of sign in and sign outs via 2D barcode scanning. I did this project to help my robotics team keep track of members’ contribution hours.

The SDK portion of the code is closed-source at the request of the manufacturer. The rest is available in a PDF file Sample code and full documentation

Yearbook Superlatives and Biography collection system (2015)

A web application that I’ve developed for use by Carmel High School Students to place their votes for our school’s senior superlatives. This application also allows students to input their senior quotes and other biographical information (future plans, nicknames, etc.). Students log in with their school network user name and password and enter their biographies which is associated to their directory object. PDF of documentation and a portion of the code.

Community Technology Program

I designed and ran a free community program to provide local community members with a number of technology resources via in-person sessions and online training. I then created a system of succession for other personnel to continue this project when I had to move to continue my educational and professional career.

AssetAware (2015)

I initially developed AssetAware to help me inventory my belongings for insurance purposes. It allows for the entering of information such as serial numbers, model numbers, value, purchase date, etc. I further expanded the application to allow small businesses to manage their assets within an Office365 tenant rather than spend thousands of dollars on competing software. I copyrighted AssetAware in 2016 and plan on releasing the source code as a low-cost product for small businesses to manage their fixed assets.

Learn more via PDF documentation

GroundsDirect County Fair Management System (2014 - present)

A web interface used by the Grounds Crew for receiving and updating the status of grounds service calls (move tables requests, lower tent walls requests, etc.) for the Putnam County 4-H Fair. Call takers sit in a designated area and receive calls from Fair Volunteers who were previously provided the GroundsDirect phone number. They then enter the requests into GroundsDirect which are received by the Grounds Crew. Once the request is resolved, Grounds Crew enters the status of the request into GroundsDirect, and the result is written to the database. PDF Documentation

Putnam County Historical Markers Project (2012 - 2017)

A project involving interactive and dynamic web pages for pre-existing historical cast iron marker signs throughout my home county. I am working with the local county government to place QR code tags on both the signs and on posters at popular points of interest. PDF Documentation